Sheet Metal Forming Machines

Know the Future. Now.

Sheet Metal Forming Machines deliver high performance, simplicity of design, easy installation, low-maintenance cost, greater durability and a high re-sale value. EURO GULF has tied up with some of the best OEMs in Metal Forming in order to offer the best solutions to its customers.



EURO GULF has tied up with Adira, a 60 year old OEM which has pioneered the art of manufacturing Sheet Metal Cutting Machines. Known for its Quality and Precision, Adira offers some of the best machines which deliver high quality products.

EURO GULF brings to you a wide range of Press Brakes, Laser and Shear machines that produce quick and high quality outcomes.

  • Press Brake Machine
  • Laser Machine
  • Shear Machine


EURO GULF brings to you machine tools from Himalaya, an OEM known for its Performance, Economy, Versatility, Reliability & Simplicity.

We bring to you Plate Bending Machines, Plate Straightening Machines, Plate Levelling Machines, Section Bending Machines and Shipyard Presses, Dozers, among others.

  • Plate Bending Machine
  • Plate Straightening Machine
  • Plate Levelling Machine
  • Section Bending Machine
  • Shipyard Presses
  • Dozers