Business Analytics

EURO GULF has simplified the process of machine monitoring and offers attractive Predictive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance services. We help manufacturers achieve a quick turnaround time making faster and well informed decisions from real-time machine data. We offer, Instant notifications, real-time data reports and detailed analytics drive that promises to increase the efficiency in terms of production and maintenance of the shop floor.

Quick and easy setup

Our multi-talented service engineers would set up the whole system network connections by means of Ethernet in the blink of an eye.

Secured Data with End-to- End Encryption

Data flows seamlessly from each connected machine to our secure remote server and we are able to give you access to analytic tools, dashboards, report generators, and information distribution tools.

Data Analysis and Results

Machine data can now be displayed throughout the plant on computers and TV monitors, cell phones and tablets providing the workers real-time dashboards, reports

Smarter realtime machine data

Those tablets mounted to every machines display job performance and provide workers a simple UI to make the machine data smarter

Perfomance Analysis

By displaying real-time data to your employees about the machines they are working on, you can expect dentify machines that are underperforming and quickly correct any problems.

Reporting & Analytics

With the ability to see both real-time data and view historical reporting, plant managers and supervisors can analyze the data and make informed, better decisions.

Increase productivity

With the ability to analyze machine performances and make data-driven decisions, production can be expected to increase.